Indiana Elder Law News

Indiana Medicaid Planning
Major changes in federal Medicaid law (Deficit Reduction Act of 2005) are still being implemented in Indiana. These changes will have a major impact on Medicaid planning. The look back period will be extended from thirty six months to sixty months. Major changes to ability to transfer assets are expected.
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Indiana Estate Planning
If you die without a will in Indiana, state law provides a 'will' for you (called intestate succession). For a person married with children, the surviving spouse can expect to keep only half of the probate assets with the rest being given away to immediate family members. Few people want this outcome. This is why it is vitally important to have a valid will in Indiana.
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Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Program
The Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Program (ILTCIP) is an innovative partnership between the State of Indiana and private long term care insurance companies. Indiana has taken the lead in helping its residents protect their hard-earned life savings from the high cost of long term care.
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Avoid Indiana Probate
There are easy and powerful things you could be doing right now to keep most of your assets out of probate. These methods don't require living trusts.
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Medicare Issues
No more waiting lists and additional support for transportation, nutrition and housing services are key parts of the State's Aging Reform Agenda in 2008. Steve Smith, director of the FSSA Division of Aging, noted that wait lists are being reduced already. The goal is to eliminate the lists totally in 2008. By using more State funds to leverage Federal matching dollars, 8,000 older Hoosiers from the wait list are now receiving services.

Indiana Elder Law

Elder Law is the area of law that deals with all of the legal needs of people in the last third of their lives. Two of the key areas frequently needing legal assistance are healthcare and financial matters. Proper legal planning can provide you with peace of mind to focus on enjoying life and retirement. You can rest assured that your legal affairs are in order.

Healthcare Issues

Healthcare costs and decisions are frequent concerns of people as they age. Elder law attorneys can provide you with tools and planning to address these concerns. Healthcare powers of attorney and living wills deal with who makes decisions about your healthcare when you are not able to do so. Most people know what they want done and what they donít want done with their healthcare. It is important to have the proper planning in place to make sure decisions are made they way you want them to be made.

The cost of healthcare continues to rise. You might find yourself needing help paying for needed medical expenses. Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Program can help by paying for expenses. Medicaid can help those who qualify pay for medical expenses such as nursing home care.

Proper legal planning is critical to addressing the healthcare decisions and costs facing older people.

Financial Issues

Preserving and controlling your assets is important to you. Medical breakthroughs are helping people live longer. It is important that your assets serve you as long as you need them. Indiana Elder Law deals with more than transferring your assets at your death. Financial powers of attorney and living trusts can help manage your financial matters when you are not able to do so. Simple Indiana elder law planning can provide you with easy and effective financial management when you need it.